Temecula - Murrieta Wedding Photographer



Robert Kirk Photographic specializes in wedding and event photography. Based in the Temecula - Murrieta Valley of Southern California, Robert Kirk provides superior photographic quality at an exceptional value for both local and destination events. Mr. Kirk shoots events in the portrait-journalist style of photography. His classical training in the craft of photography provides a solid foundation for a rich photographic output enhanced by the latest in digital technologies.

Mr. Kirk was first bitten the photography bug as a teenager. A seventh grade graphics arts class introduced him to what was then the "chemical" process of photography in the "darkroom." An early and important influence was Ansel Adams and Adams "Basic Photography Series" of books. Adams philosophy and methodology had a profound impact in developing in Mr. Kirk a solid foundation in the procedure and craft of photography.


Robert Kirk photographs events with Nikon digital equipment in combination with various off-camera radio controlled lighting sources including Nikon, Speedtron and Quantum flash. While on the website, check out the "Wedding Gallery" by clicking the link either at the top or the bottom of the home page. Robert Kirk provides "local" pricing from San Diego to Santa Barbara, California. Pricing for "local" and "destination" weddings & events can be accessed by clicking on the "Pricing" drop-down menu at the top of the home page. Every photographic package offered by Robert Kirk includes all shots at "full resolution" on DVD. Prior to delivery to the client, all shots which make the final cut are refined for cropping, color and density. A select core group of shots (typically photo journalistic style portraits of bride and groom) are further refined in Photoshop providing images highly expressive of the mood and the moment. If considering other photographers, send Robert Kirk an email requesting links to the on-line galleries from past weddings/events he has photographed. If you do that, you will see an exceptional quality and thoroughness throughout the entire body of work that is provided to the client.


Robert Kirk also does engagement photography. Examples can be found on the "Engagement Gallery" by clicking on the link either at the top or the bottom of the home page. Engagement sessions include two hours on location with camera assistant. As with wedding & event photography, supplemental lighting is used, including off-camera flash. Clients are provided with all edited and refined shots at "full resolution" on DVD.


Though Robert Kirk shoots events in digital, he continues to enjoy working with the view camera and exposing and processing film. Mr. Kirk maintains a full working darkroom with enlarging capability from 35mm through 8x10 inch formats. Working the traditional cameras and photographic materials has given Mr. Kirk an appreciation for and a master of the craft of fine print making. Robert Kirk produces both digital inkjet prints and chemical sliver-halide prints on site.


Since 2008 Robert Kirk has been involved in his local community photographing the Murrieta Valley High School "Nighthawks" football team and the MVHS "Crimson Cadets" marching band. From the home page, click "Sports/Events" to access both the "Nighthawks" and the "Crimson Cadets" Galleries. Included on the "Nighthawks" gallery are photographs of "Nighthawks" home games. The "Crimson Cadets" gallery includes both home game events and field tournaments of this award (gold medal) winning marching band. Robert Kirk donates a majority of print proceeds to the boosters in recognition and support of the importance of these programs to the development of the discipline and character of our youth.


Robert Kirk also specializes in portrait photography - both individual and group. Influenced by the work of Yosef Karsh, the emphasis with individual portraiture is in black & white. Large groups include not only the many events he has photographed but also special group assignments. A recent example was for the Riverside Superior Court which included the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court. A gallery of Mr. Kirk's portraiture can be accessed from links at the top and bottom of the home page.